Hand and Wrist

The hand has its own set of problems unique to that area of the body. Carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger and baseball finger are examples of these, and the hand specialists at Campbell Clinic have encountered them all many times before.

Click below to learn more about some of the hand and wrist injuries we treat:

Hand Injuries We Treat

  • Dislocations of the fingers, thumb and wrist
  • Fractures
    • Distal radius
    • Finger
    • Forearm/radius/ulna
    • Hand fractures/boxer’s fracture
    • Thumb/Bennett fracture
    • Wrist/scaphoid fracture
  • Lacerations of the finger, hand, nerve and tendons
  • Ligament injuries of the finger, thumb and wrist
  • Sprains of the finger, thumb and wrist
  • Tendon injuries

Hand Conditions We Treat